Tag Along Your Girl in These Best NYC Restaurants

Chances are you might be courting your special Asian girls NYC, or perhaps you it is your next date in NYC. you have probably made up the plans and conduct everything special for your girl but still in the middle between top restaurants choices. No matter what your agenda with your significant one, you cannot go wrong with wrapping up all of the things with the dinner. Here are the best restaurants options you can find in NYC.


Ops is a pizza eatery. But hold your thought for a few seconds. It is not like any other slice shop that you usually visit. On the contrary it is a perfect choice for couples who want to have a special dinner. It is also a place where you can sip a glass of wine after eating such delicious pizza.


If you are disputing between Mediterranean and American food with your asian girls nyc, you can have the best solution by visiting Hart’s. This place offers Mediteranean and American food. Despite the little space it offers, it has such romantic ambiance.


Pointing your date night in the destination of Wildair will grant you such different and interesting experience. It looks like a casual wine bar. But when you open the menu book, you will be amazed with its choices. I’d like to recommend fried squid and crispy grain salad. Of course, you can also pour a wine in your glass.


If you and your significant other are fond of pasta, you can pick this spot to enjoy various pasta menu. the bar seats are available with such perfect atmosphere. L’Artusi is indeed a fool-proof option if you are interested in Italian menu.

Marlow & Sons

It is a great representation of the classic spot with the dark room. It has such great offer of chicken menu. The price is also sensible enough for folks.

Four Horsemen

It is a little space of wine bar which will keep you interested to have a progressive conversation with your asian girls nyc. The kind of little space like this will keep you both occupied and you will want to stay at it for a while.


If you both crave for seafood, don’t hesitate to go to Little Neck. The menu is mostly seafood dishes. But what makes it popular is its mouth-watering burger. You must definitely try the dishes in this eatery.

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